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Policy Analyst
(303) 541-1610
Mr. Armstrong joined SHEEO in spring 2014 as an Information Analyst. John supports SHEEO’s partnership with Complete College America in the data... Read More
Executive and Editorial Assistant
(303) 541-1625
Gloria has been at SHEEO for ten years. She provides executive and editorial support for all staff as needed. Her bachelor’s is from the University... Read More
Principal Policy Analyst
(303) 541-1607
Mr. Carlson joined SHEEO in September 2011. His current title is Principal Policy Analyst. He manages and compiles the annual State Higher Education... Read More
Vice President
(303) 541-1635
Julie Carnahan is vice president of SHEEO. Dr. Carnahan joined SHEEO in May 2010. As part of the senior management team, Julie directs the Multi-... Read More
Executive Assistant
(303) 541-1630
Ms. Dennis is the executive assistant to the president at the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO). Caitlin joined... Read More
Director of Administrative Operations
(303) 541-1604
Ms. Kerns has served as SHEEO's Director of Administrative Operations since August 2005. She plans two annual meetings—the SHEEO Annual Meeting... Read More
IT Systems and Database Manager
(303) 541-1608
Jiah joined SHEEO in the summer of 2015. She started her IT career as a web/database developer about 15 years ago and had worked as a computer... Read More
Data Analyst
(303) 541-1603
Sophia Laderman joined SHEEO in 2015 as a data analyst. Her primary focus is on managing and compiling the annual State Higher Education Finance (... Read More
Principal Policy Analyst
(303) 541-1606
Denise Pearson, Ph.D., is a Principal Policy Analyst at the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO) where she maintains a broad... Read More
Principal Policy Analyst
(303) 541-1627
David Tandberg, principal policy analyst at SHEEO, has interests that center on state higher education policy, finance, politics, governance and... Read More
Senior Policy Analyst
(303) 541-1624
Associate Vice President
(303) 541-1601
Dr. Whitfield joined SHEEO as Associate Vice President in October 2015. In this position, she leads SHEEO’s data, research, and information resource... Read More