Welcome to the redesigned SHEEO website

Monday, December 3, 2012

Welcome and thank you for visiting the new www.sheeo.org!  We’ve worked to give you faster and clearer information about SHEEO and current higher education policy issues. This article describes the organization and technical navigation of our new site. If you have any questions or suggestions about the website or content on the site, please contact me directly at Chris Ott, IT Administrator. I will respond to technical and navigation comments and will forward comments about content areas to a SHEEO Staff member appropriate to your question or suggestion.

The new website is up-to-date, but it does not include all the information contained in our previous website. We will continue to migrate some information from the previous website after launching the new site, but not all of it. If you do not find something you need at the new www.sheeo.org, you may visit an archived version of our previous site at archive.sheeo.org. The old website will no longer be updated, but we will monitor how it is used and we will use your direct input and usage results to move additional information to the new site. The remainder of this introduction to the website includes some navigation tips, the content taxonomy design, and a brief walkthrough of each display area of the home page and the site.


Navigation Tips

  • To go "home" at any time, click the SHEEO logo in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • To conduct an exhaustive search of both titles and words within the site, click in the white box at the upper right that says "search site" and enter terms like you would in a search engine site like Google. You can filter your search by clicking "Advanced Search" on the Search results screen after your first attempt.
  • Links throughout the site will appear in green bolded text. If you're not sure whether or not something is clickable, just point at it with your mouse. If your cursor changes from an arrow to a hand, you've found a link!
  • Several of our display pages have a "pull-down" box at the top for "type" and/or "category" (the taxonomy will be explained later in this document). You may want to filter your search using these tools. On some pages, tabs at the top, like "current", "archive", "upcoming" or "previous," can help you find what you need.
  • As you navigate the site, you'll notice some of the display boxes on the right side of your screen will change. When viewing a specific story or piece of content, you'll see a "Related Content" box. This is the website's attempt to give you something additional to read that may be related to what you seek. The algorithms behind this box will improve as we continue to use and build this site over time.
  • At the bottom of every page you may notice social media icons. These icons allow you to share any page or content from our site with your friends or constituents through the social media network of your choice. In addition to Twitter and Facebook, a third button launches a module called "Share This." Share This provides access to 88 different social media networks when you click "More" at the bottom of the "Share This" window.
  • You may always just copy and paste the direct URL of any specific content item on our website. Our content URLs are "friendly" and contain the name of the content item you're referencing instead of a random string of characters. This will hopefully encourage your friends to trust the links you give them from our site as well as make it easier to forward them.


Content Taxonomy 

“Type” is used to sort content into views around the website. The five major types of content are:  Members, Projects, Resources, Calendar and News. You will notice that sub-types for some of these, such as Announcements and Member News, are included under News.

Members:  SHEEO Members (and other state policy leaders)

Projects:  Current and Completed

Resources:  Annual Report, Queries, Presentations and Publications/Articles

Calendar:  Upcoming and Previous

News:  Announcements and Member News


"Policy Issues" and "Categories" are terms used to relate content on the site to topics of interest to the visitor. They can be multi-selected across content types since two or more categories or policy issues may be related to a resource or event. Data and Information, Finance and Productivity, and Student Learning and Accountability are the three “themes” used to organize policy issues on the site. For an explanation of each one, please visit the Policy Issues Page.

Categories can be considered finer-grained Policy Issues, but they can also span across the three, broad policy themes. The categories used on the site are: Academic Policy and Quality Assurance; Access, Diversity and Completion; Costs, Budgets and Financing; Data and Information Management; P-20 Intersections; Planning, Coordination and Governance; Student Learning and Instruction; Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid; Workforce and Economic Development.



Beginning on the Home Page and working from top down in the main section (not including the menu):

  • Higher Education and SHEEO explains the mission of SHEEO and our work.
  • State Policy Leadership will contain a regularly changing story about contributions to higher education policy by one of our members, the association collectively, or another policy leader.  
  • Policy Issues highlights the focus on each of the three policy issues used to organize SHEEO’s work.
  • Announcements (which also becomes a side-bar on sub-navigation pages) features the top three or four announcements from our News/Announcements section.
  • In the right column, Quicklinks will reference projects or other website resources that are most in demand by users.
  • Featured Resources will provide direct access to new content highlighted by the SHEEO Staff.

About contains information about SHEEO and our governing structure, our Staff, and our annual report to our members.

SHEEO Members provides photos of our state members, contact information, and links to their agency websites.

Policy Issues contains links that you can follow that display Projects and Resources related to these themes.

Projects (both current and completed) will include ongoing and completed work in specific projects of the association.

Resources contains Publications, Presentations, copies of the Association’s Annual Reports, and Queries made by and of our members on policy matters of interest.

Calendar will show SHEEO-sponsored events and associated programs, both upcoming and previous, including conferences, webinars, and more.

News will contain Announcements both about the work of SHEEO and significant events in the higher education policy community.

In the upper right corner, Careers will feature both job opportunities at SHEEO and with our members.

Contact Us has a form and other information for contacting us.

Sitemap is a brief outline of the different areas of the site.


Thank you again for taking the time to check out the new www.sheeo.org!  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help or additional information.