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State Higher Education Executive Officers

K-16 Teacher Professional Development Collaborative Meeting
Held Annually (August) in conjunction with the SHEEO Higher Education Policy Conference

Sponsored by SHEEO, the annual K-16 Teacher Professional Development Collaborative Meeting is an opportunity for SAHE grant administrators to discuss new developments and share strategies in administering the higher education partnership grants funded through Title II, Part A, Subpart 3 of the current NCLB legislation (also known as ESEA, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act). Collaborative members help design the agenda and facilitate discussions within this highly interactive meeting. Unlike the Department of Education’s ESEA meeting, the Collaborative meeting focuses specifically on the concerns of higher education administrators (SAHEs). Recommendations emerging from this meeting guide the SHEEO staff in providing the necessary and appropriate support for the SAHE Collaborative membership.

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U.S. Department of Education

ESEA Title II, Part A State Coordinators National Workshop
Held Annually in Washington D.C.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, the overall focus of the annual ESEA Title II, Part A State Coordinators National Workshop is to assist each state in administering the Title II, Part A program, to collect ideas about what would help states accomplish their goals in improving teacher quality, and to discuss where the nation is in reaching the goal of having a highly qualified teacher in every classroom. In addition to panels and presentations, the workshop provides information on programs and resources to support teacher quality improvement. Aimed at both SEA and SAHE administrators, this two-day meeting includes numerous opportunities to exchange views and ideas with colleagues and the Department. For the past few years, SHEEO has run a dedicated session for SAHEs on the afternoon of the second day of the workshop.