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The major function of the Collaborative is to serve as an open network among members to share information about the administration of the Title II SAHE Partnership Grants program. The two Collaborative listservs are the primary vehicles for this function; they are used by members to exchange information and elicit advice and assistance from each other, the SHEEO staff, and the US Department of Education about arising issues in the interpretation of the NCLB legislation, strategies for providing effective teacher professional development, and practical aspects of grant administration.

Over the years, SHEEO staff have collected and collated the answers to numerous member queries. These queries, and the associated responses, are sent out to the Collaborative listservs within a month of the original query. Over time, we have found that certain queries arise repeatedly across the years; as a result, members have often asked for an accessible archive of prior queries. Assembled below is just such an archive, organized by topic area. We hope that you will find it useful to turn to this archive as a first resource when you are struggling with an issue related to the SAHE grants administration.

Content Areas



Professional Development (PD) Recipients

Proposals and Awards


Use of Funds

Collected Responses from the USDOE

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