Officers and Committees FY18

SHEEO Executive Committee

Chair:  Eileen I. Klein, Arizona Board of Regents (2018)
Chair Elect: Glen D. Johnson, Oklahoma State System of Higher Education (2018)
Treasurer:  Barbara Damron, New Mexico Higher Education Department (2018)
Past Chair:  Peter Blake, State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (2018)

Clayton Christian, Montana University System (2019)
Blake Flanders , Kansas Board of Regents (2019)
Matt Freeman, Idaho State Board of Education (2018)
Robert L. King, Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (2019)
Teresa Lubbers, Indiana Commission for Higher Education (2018)
Maria Markham, Arkansas Department of Higher Education (2018)
Michael G. Rush, South Dakota Board of Regents (2018)
Carlos Santiago, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (2019)
Staff:  Robert E. Anderson, Gladys Kerns

Sub-Committees of Executive Committee:

Budget and Finance Subcommittee
Barbara Damron, New Mexico, Chair
Staff Evaluation Subcommittee
Peter Blake, Virginia, Chair 
Eileen I. Klein, Arizona

Committees FY 2017

Federal Relations Committee

Chair: Clayton Christian, Montana
Vice Chair: Dan Hurley, Michigan

James Applegate, Illinois (resigned Feb 2017)
Michael Baumgartner, Nebraska
David L. Buhler, Utah
Barbara Damron, New Mexico
Wil Del Pilar, Pennsylvania (resigned July 2017)
Gregory G. Fitch, Alabama (resigned Jan 2017)
Matt Freeman, Idaho
Paul L. Hill, West Virginia
Lee Jackson, Texas, NASH representative
James R. Johnsen, Alaska
Glen D. Johnson, Oklahoma
Todd J. Leach, New Hampshire
Teresa Lubbers, Indiana
Mark E. Ojakian, Connecticut
Raymund A. Paredes, Texas
Larry Pogemiller, Minnesota
Jim Purcell, Rhode Island
James O. Rose, Wyoming
Staff:  Andy Carlson, Robert E. Anderson

Nominating Committee
Barbara Damron, New Mexico
Blake Flanders, Kansas
Rochelle Hendricks, New Jersey
Glen D. Johnson, Oklahoma
James O. Rose, Wyoming
Staff:  Robert E. Anderson, Gladys Kerns

Time and Place Committee
James O. Rose, Wyoming, Chair
Matt Freeman, Idaho
Rochelle Hendricks, New Jersey
Maria Markham, Arkansas
Staff:  Robert E. Anderson, Gladys Kerns