Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO)

State and SHEEO Participation in OECD's Feasibility Study

This web page provides public access to materials related to U.S. participation in the multi-national Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO) Feasibility Study undertaken by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).  Most materials and resources pertain to SHEEO’s involvement in planning, advising and implementing the Feasibility Study as members of OECD’s Group of National Experts (GNE), and SHEEO’s subsequent role as National Project Manager supporting the state higher education agencies in Connecticut, Missouri and Pennsylvania in completing the fieldwork for the Feasibility Study (student sampling and assessment, faculty surveys, data reporting and analysis) in the 11 higher education institutions in these states that participated.

Extensive resources are available elsewhere on the justifications, development and implementation of the AHELO Feasibility Study. For example, planning documents, meeting materials and public reports are available on OECD’s organizational website at Other primary sources of information include websites developed by several of the participating nations.

Numerous U.S. organizations and researchers were involved in the planning and development of the Feasibility Study following a 2007 decision by OECD’s Council of Ministers to test and demonstrate the scientific and practical feasibility of assessing learning outcomes of college graduates across nations. SHEEO’s involvement began in mid-2010 when, in response to an inquiry from OECD, SHEEO contacted its state members about their interest and the willingness of institutions in their respective states to participate in the fieldwork necessary for the Feasibility Study. Initial financial support for SHEEO’s involvement and U.S. participation was provided by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Support for national project management, state involvement and the participation of 11 institutions in the AHELO Generic Skills assessment strand was provided through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education starting in October 2011. 

Project overviews and management

AHELO brochure

Annotated Guide to AHELO Acronyms

United States participants in the AHELO Feasibility Study: State/System Agencies and Institutions

AHELO Feasibility Study Data Access Use and Reporting Policy

Progress, Current Status and Resource Needs - June 2011

AHELO project update Dec 2011

U.S. Country Update for OECD March 2012

AHELO NPM Experience Questionnaire for OECD 2012

2012 Year-End Summary of U.S. Participation in the AHELO Feasibility Study: Fieldwork, Analysis and Steps Ahead -  December 27, 2012

AHELO NPM 2010 Activity Diary

U.S. section for OECD Project Report Vol 2

AHELO Feasibility Study Report, Volume 1 - December 22, 2012 (Volumes 2 and 3 are also available at this site)

The third and final volume of the Report from the OECD’s Feasibility Study on the Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO) is now available. This volume on Further Insights includes the conclusions from the expert group on the Value-added Measurement and the Conference proceedings. A literature review on the Value-Added Measurement also contributed to this third volume.

This follows a first volume on Design and Implementation which was published in December 2012 (full report, executive summary) and a second volume on Data Analysis and National Experiences published in March 2013 (full report, executive summary).

All three volumes can be found on

Institution log books and reports


Southern Connecticut State University

SCSU Lessons Learned - Michael Ben-Avie, Christine Henry, and Maureen Gilbride-Redman


Central Methodist University

Missouri State University

Truman State University

University of Central Missouri

Webster University


Cheyney University

Cheyney U Lessons Learned - Wesley C. Pugh

Clarion University

Edinboro University

Lock Haven University

Millersville University 


Project presentations

Session on AHELO at 2013 SHEEO Higher Education Policy Conference 

AHELO in Ontario - Mary Catharine Lennon

AHELO Overview

Session on AHELO at 2013 SHEEO Annual Meeting

Handout for AHELO session at 2013 SHEEO Annual Meeting

AHELO Overview for Pennsylvania

AHELO Overview for University of Hawai'i 

CHEA Session on AHELO

U.S. Final Conference Presentation 

Association for Institutional Research Annual Forum May 2014, Participation in AHELO, U.S. only, Charles S. Lenth, SHEEO, presentation 

Association for Institutional Research Annual Forum May 2014, Participation in AHELO, Charles S. Lenth, SHEEO, presentation 

Association for Institutional Research Annual Forum May 2014, Assessing higher education learning outcomes globally, Hamish Coates, University of Melbourne Center for the Study of Higher Education, presentation 

Results and Analyses

AHELO Final Project Conference Agenda

Anonymous Institutional Report

AHELO Final Project Report and Evaluation - Peter Ewell 

Observations on AHELO's Generic Skills Strand Methodology and Findings - Council for Aid to Education


Washington meeting materials

AHELO Washington Meeting Agenda

Roster of Attendees at Washington Meeting

The Making of the AHELO Feasibility Study - Deborah Roseveare

Gordon Davies - Keynote Address

AHELO Lessons Learned at SCSU  Michael Ben-Avie

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania AHELO Lessons Learned - Wesley C. Pugh

AHELO's Civil Engineering Strand

Assessing Student Learning in Economics - The Mexico Experience

Engineering Strand Presentation

Needs & expectations about AHELO - Patricia Rosas Chávez  - Mexico presentation 

Colombia's Expectations for AHELO - Julian Patricio Mariño von Hildebrand

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