Complete College America/SHEEO Data Collection

In 2011-2012, Complete College America (CCA) and SHEEO partnered to develop an online collection tool for the Common Completion Metrics. This tool replaced the previous submission process. The fundamental goal of this collaboration is to develop an easy-to-understand system for reporting CCA metrics. This process is designed to ease the burden of reporting CCA metrics and to ensure high-quality, accurate data. In 2012, SHEEO collected data from 27 states and over 700 individual institutions and created reports to help support discussion at CCA’s Annual Convening.

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In February 2013, SHEEO opened its second CCA data collection process. This process builds on the success of the first data collection and makes reporting CCA metrics easier by giving more autonomy to state data keyholders, easing the approval process and clarifying metrics definitions to respond to state concerns. Please visit the CCA Data Collection Website for all relevant documents and materials for data collection!

Project Status: