HEPC 2012 - Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO): Overview and progress report on field work in Canada and the U.S.

In light of PISA’s multi-nation assessment of learning at the15-year-old level, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) launched a study in 2008 to determine the feasibility of assessing the learning of college graduates across nations and within disciplines. Beginning in 2010 and working with SHEEO, institutions in three states (Connecticut, Missouri and Pennsylvania) agreed to participate in the AHELO Generic Skills Strand. In 2011, Canada, specifically the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario and institutions in that province, joined the Engineering Stand (one of the two piloted disciplinary assessments) . Fieldwork (student assessments, faculty surveys, and institutional data reporting) in both strands began in January 2012 and was completed by the end of May. While OECD’s analysis of the data and determination of feasibility will not be completed until early 2013, much has already been learned by institutions in the 16 participating nations.

This special session will provide an overview of the AHELO assessment framework, an update on its development to date, and an initial report on participation by Canada and the U.S. It will also provide an opportunity to discuss and share your thoughts on the potential for assessing college-level learning across nations.

Mary Catharine Lennon, Senior Research Analyst, Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario

Michael P. Meotti, Executive Vice President, Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education

Rusty L. Monhollon, Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs
Missouri Department of Higher Education

James Moran, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education

Charles Lenth, Vice President for Policy Analysis and Academic Affairs
State Higher Education Executive Officers

AHELO Overview (ppt) Charlie Lenth

Ontario's experience in AHELO's Civil Engineering Strand  Mary Catharine Lennon

Thursday, August 9, 2012
Presented by: 
Mary Catherine Lennon, Michael P. Meotti, Rusty L. Monhollon, James Moran, Charlie Lenth