HEPC 2012 - Data under scrutiny—The growing pressure to use workforce data: What to use, how to use it

The use of workforce data to inform education policy is drawing attention from multiple directions. This session will provide an introduction to several initiatives designed to use this resource. One pilot project, funded by the Gates Foundation and directed by NCHEMS, is using metrics to measure employment outcomes at 20 institutions. Another project highlights the Kentucky Community & Technical College System's innovative use of labor market information to gauge program performance, inform program and curricular decisions, and advise students. In the closing portion of this session, the panelists will discuss the demand for information on gainful employment and the realities of the available data to address the issue.

Patrick J. Kelly, Senior Associate
National Center for Higher Education Management Systems

Christina Whitfield, Director of Research and Policy Analysis
Kentucky Community and Technical College System

Michael A. Boulus, Executive Director, Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan

The Fast-Approaching Frontier: Employment Outcomes of College Graduates, How Do We Make Sense of it All? (ppt) Patrick J. Kelly

The Growing Pressure to Use Workforce Data: What to Use, How to Use it (ppt) Christina Whitfield

Friday, August 10, 2012
Presented by: 
Patrick J. Kelly and Christina Whitfield