HEPC 2012 - "Degree completion initiatives"—What are we learning?

The Institute for Higher Education Policy’s Win-Win initiative identified students from over 60 community colleges across nine states who either have enough credit hours to earn an associate degree or who need less than nine credit hours to complete the degree. Come learn how the identification of these students was accomplished, how the utility of a degree audit process was demonstrated, and what institutional and state policies help or hinder the degree completion process.

Clifford Adelman, Senior Associate, Institute for Higher Education Policy

Derrick Manns, Vice President for Academics and Institutional Research
Louisiana Community and Technical College System

Rusty Monhollon, Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs
Missouri Department of Higher Education

David R. Russell, Commissioner of Higher Education, Missouri Department of Higher Education

Project Win-Win At Mid-Point (ppt)

Thursday, August 9, 2012
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