HEPC 2012 - Making Regional Data-Sharing a Reality with the WICHE 4-State Data Project

The 2011 session “Sharing Longitudinal Data in a P-20 World” was all about the technical aspects of sharing data across the four states. This year’s session will provide a very brief update on the current status of the WICHE project, touch on the challenges of developing legal agreements (MOA’s), and using the National Student Clearinghouse as a third-party data matching service, and how reaching consensus across states makes resolving technical issues around data exchange seem like “a piece of cake.” Washington and other states engaged in the project will add their perspectives. The bulk of the time will be spent in discussion that will provide insight for those states working on developing P-20/Workforce data systems across sectors.

State Lead:
Christy England-Siegerdt, Director for Research and Planning, Washington Student Achievement Council

Brian T. Prescott, Director of Policy Research, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

Hans Peter L'Orange, Vice President for Research and Information Resources
State Higher Education Executive Officers

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012
Presented by: 
Christy England-Siegerdt and Brian T. Prescott
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