Post Secondary Education: The Challenges Ahead

Dr. Ischinger spoke on the challenges for higher education in the transition to a knowledge economy at the Higher Education in Federations Conference in Ottawa, Canada in January 2007.

"Our comparative indicators track a rapidly rising demand for high-level skills. In virtually all industrialised countries, the relative prospects of those individuals who are well educated have risen, whereas we are seeing declining living standards for those individuals, and nations, that struggle with the transition to the knowledge economy. The reality is that the gap between what our education systems deliver, and what is required, continues to widen."

"Higher education systems in OECD countries will have to make considerable headway if they are to meet the demands of modern societies. Put simply, education systems need to develop more challenging and more supportive learning environments and learn to be more flexible and effective in improving learning outcomes."

Publication Date: 
Monday, January 1, 2007
Barbara Ischinger, OECD Director for Education