In Search of a Value Proposition: Postsecondary Thoughts on the Common Education Data Standards

Data requests from legislatures, the federal government, national organizations, and foundations lead to data collections and reports that beg for standardization. Postsecondary leaders certainly understand the meaning and purpose of CEDS. They appreciate that having a shared, common language via common definitions in a standard dictionary for multiple sectors is especially valuable when it comes to exchanging and sharing consistent and comparable data. Several leaders described the eye-opening moments they experienced in understanding the data of other state partners, recognizing the power of CEDS as a facilitator of cross sector conversations. Having a national dictionary that can serve as a reference is highly desirable and has the potential of providing numerous benefits to the community.

The postsecondary perspectives featured in this brief were generated from a series of interviews with postsecondary leaders (see below) and are presented as constructive criticism and advice on how to make this initiative a successful one meeting the needs of this community. There is genuine interest in CEDS and for standardization in general.

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Tanya I. Garcia