State Budgeting for Higher Education, FY 2007

State Budgeting for Higher Education in the United States as Reported for FY 2007

Higher education budgeting practices in the United States are diverse, complex, and dynamic. Although states may share similarities, there is no standard budgeting practice. The Center for National University Finance and Management in Japan requested a study that would investigate the specifics of the higher education budgeting process in each of the states. Recognizing the value such a study would have for its members, the national association of State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) created a survey tailored to fit the needs and interests of the SHEEO community as well as satisfy the requirements of the contract with the Center. The survey was intended to gather the details necessary to provide a greater understanding of the factors that most significantly affect decisions states make regarding their budgets.

Publication Date: 
Monday, June 1, 2009
Kelli Parmley, Allison Bell, Hans L'Orange, and Paul Lingenfelter