Statewide Student Data Systems and Capabilities to Report Postsecondary Graduation Rates

This report provides background and linkages necessary to bring state-level experience to bear in implementing the Student Right-to-Know Act, particularly regarding the reporting of student persistence and graduation rates. A companion report, Assessing and Reporting Student Progress: A Response to the “New Accountability, by Peter T. Ewell and Dennis P. Jones, provides the conceptual and more technical framework for facilitating these linkages using uniform definitions, methods and reporting formats. Both reports are intended to assist those agencies and individuals responsible for implementing the new federal legislation, to inform them of the reporting capabilities, data systems, data uses and other relevant resources that exist at the state level. These reports are also intended for those at the state or institutional levels who will play roles in implementing and reporting data for the Student Right-to-Know Act; they face the immediate challenges of providing statistics that are meaningful and useful to students, the public, and policymakers.

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Publication Date: 
Friday, November 1, 1991
Charles S. Lenth and Alene Bycer Russell
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