SHEEO Query: Higher Education Facilities and Administrative Best Practices

September 10, 2014

Dear SHEEOs,

The Nevada System of Higher Education is researching best practices in the area of Higher Ed F&A (Facilities and Administrative) recovery in state contracts. Specifically, we are looking for data in these areas:

1 - For federal formula funds, do states have an F&A schedule or are F&A rates determined one contract at a time?  What are some sample rates (Health and Human Services, Education, Transportation, Natural Resources, etc.)? [The rate is only the rate for contracts between the university and state government. It would apply both to direct grants\contracts from the state and federal pass through received by the state.]

2 - Similarly, for state-funded agreements that use General Funds or other non-federal dollars, do states have a rate schedule?  What are typical rates?

3.  What are typical rates for hybrid contracts that have federal and non-federal funds? [There is no one federal agency.]

See summary of responses here.

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