SHEEO Query RE Cost of Living Estimates for Financial Aid Purposes

February 6, 2018

Dear SHEEO Finance Officers:

We are exploring variances in institutions’ cost of living estimates. These estimates have implications for students’ financial aid awards and their financial planning and budgeting. Research has shown that there is a high degree of variance in these estimates, even among institutions in the same geographic area. We are interested in learning if any of our SHEEO agencies provide any guidance regarding how institutions ought to establish their estimates or if any of our SHEEO agencies monitor or regulate this process within their states. If there are others in your office who are a better fit for the query, please forward this email to them.

• Does your agency regulate, provide guidance for, or monitor the cost of living estimates developed by institutions for financial aid purposes? If so, can you please briefly describe your approach?

• Any further clarification or information you can share would also be appreciated.

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