SHEEO Query RE Education Management Corporation—State authorization of its institutions

On May 9, 2013, SHEEO sent the query below to state authorization contacts throughout the U.S.

The Education Management Corporation (EDMC, owns and operates private postsecondary institutions through several subsidiaries which are organized into four separate educational systems:  Argosy University, South University, The Art Institutes and Brown Mackie Colleges.  If your agency is responsible for authorizing these types of institutions to operate in your state, please let us know the following:

• Does your agency have any applications pending for a new EDMC institution? 
• If so, what  is the name of the proposed institution, and through which EDMC education system is it to be offered? 
• What is the proposed date of opening, name(s) of programs and projected  enrollments?

Please add any additional explanation below.

See state responses here.