SHEEO Query RE Finance and Tuition Set-Aside Bonds

On February 15, 2013, SHEEO staff sent a query to agency finance officers with the following three queries:

QUERY ONE:       Has your system or university issued bonds or other tax exempt debt to finance low-interest student financial aid programs?


QUERY TWO:      Does your system or institution have tuition set-aside policies for allocating institutional resources for financial aid, need or merit based? If so, please provide a link to the policy or other information.

QUERY THREE:   Regarding Reserve Balances:

  • Please share your practice and policy regarding your institution’s establishment and maintenance of an operating / unrestricted fund reserve, if any.  Please provide any relevant links, guidance or authoritative literature.
  • Which authority established your reserve policy (Governing Board, President, Chancellor, other)?
  • What are the minimum and maximum cash reserve levels set aside / held and what basis and methodology used to measure the adequacy or sufficiency of the reserve each year?
  • At what level of the organization are the reserves maintained? At a system or campus level? At a department or program level?

Responses from the agencies can be found here.