SHEEO Query RE Performance/Incentive Increments for Campus Presidents

May 2, 2018

Dear SHEEOs,

One of our members, Jeb Spaulding, Chancellor of Vermont State Colleges System, is seeking information on the use of performance/incentive increments in the compensation packages for campus presidents.

Chancellor Spaulding seeks examples from other systems or institutions where a portion of base pay or an increment above base pay is linked to outcomes, either agreed upon annual goals, bottom line financial performance, or other metrics.

Does your agency/office link presidents’ compensation to outcomes?

If so, in what way?
What outcomes do you include?
How are/were those outcomes developed or agreed upon?
Do you tie a portion of base pay to those outcomes or are the outcomes tied to increments above base pay?

In addition, Chancellor Spaulding would love to get any feedback on how performance/incentive increment tied to presidential compensation packages have worked out in practice.

Summary of responses

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