SHEEO Query RE Regulation of UDGIs—Unaccredited Degree-Granting Institutions

On July 29, 2013, SHEEO sent the query below to academic officers and state authorization contacts.

The Office of the Auditor for the State of Hawai’i is currently conducting a study of the proposed regulation of unaccredited degree granting institutions (UDGIs) and has been asked to examine related laws in other states (see attachments).  It would be greatly appreciated if you could assist with the following questions:

1.         Does your state have laws or rules specifically for unaccredited degree granting institutions (UDGIs)? 
2.         Would the requirement for accreditation in your state be considered a de facto ban of UDGIs?
3.         If your state does not require accreditation, are UDGIs regulated in any way?

State/agency responses can be found here.