SHEEO Query RE Students with Disabilities' Access to Higher Education

September 10, 2014

To Academic Officers:

I would like to know whether any states have done studies on students with disabilities' access to postsecondary education, broadly construed.  The kinds of questions I'd be interested in would be:  rates at which students with disabilities enter postsecondary education compared to non-disabled students; rates at which they succeed in postsecondary education compared to non-disabled students; variability of services among higher ed institutions within a state; effectiveness of transition services for students as they leave the K-12 system for higher ed; estimation of costs involved in providing current level of services and/or estimate of increased costs entailed by improving services; recommendations for state policy development to improve rates of access and success for students with disabilities.

Basically, I’d like to know of any state efforts to examine any and/or all of these and similar questions. 

Please find state responses here.