SHEEO Query RE Tuition Setting Policies

April 2016
Query of SHEEO Members and Finance Officers:

Members:  Iowa is considering whether to adopt a multi-year tuition plan to provide more predictability to Iowans regarding undergraduate tuition rates at that state’s three public universities. In order to provide some background information for our member, Bob Donley, and other Iowa leaders to use in making their decisions, we are asking that you answer the following questions. 

1.        Does your system or do any of your public universities set rates for undergraduate tuition for more than one year?  If so, for how many years? Are any adjustments to these rates allowed and, if so, under what conditions or using what factors?
2.        Has your system or your public universities frozen tuition rates at any time since FY 2013?  If so, over what period of time?
3.        Has your system or have any of your public universities ever offered a program where tuition was fixed for a cohort of undergraduate students for the full expected length of the program (e.g., four years)? What were the benefits and drawbacks of that program?  If the program was terminated, what were the reasons?

Summary of responses.

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