Finance and Productivity

The first SHEEO/Lumina Academy for State Policy Leadership in Higher Education was held in Chicago on August 6-7, 2012.
The second SHEEO/Lumina Academy for State Policy Leadership in Higher Education was held in Denver on October 24-25, 2013.
The study documents substantial growth in Pell recipients in Alabama during the past four years and raises concerns about proposals to restrict eli
The attached 2013 Annual Report provides a brief update on the ACPE and ASLC activities.
The ACPE Update provides information on the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education and Alaska Student Loan Corporation’s recent activities.
You’ve heard, no doubt, that history rarely repeats itself, but it often rhymes.
Speakers: Stephen J. Jordan, President, Metropolitan State University of Denver Jeffrey M. Stanley, Senior Associate, HCM Strategists
The “Great Recession” of 2009 has brought an unprecedented level of financial chaos to public higher education in America.
Since the current economic recession began, the national dialogue on degree production and accountability has accelerated.
The purpose of this letter from Secretary Ochoa is "To provide institutions and Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program participants with info
In 2011-2012, Complete College America (CCA) and SHEEO partnered to develop an online collection tool for the Common Completion Metrics.
As the nation’s colleges and universities struggle with limited budgets and demands for increased degree completions, states are once again looking
The international imperative for postsecondary education is growing, and the push for state and national action is acute.
Degree Production Trends by Program Area: A National Analysis 2004-2009
The Irish and U.S. Higher Education Roundtable
This report summarizes the findings and recommendations from a formal evaluation of the states’ responses to the State Policy Resource Connections
Remarks from Arthur F. Quern, chairman of the Illinois Board of Higher Education, at the 41st SHEEO Annual Meeting.
As part of Lumina Foundation’s state productivity initiative in higher education, the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) hosted