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Oregon's ambitious 40-40-20 goals: 40 percent of the adult population with a 4-year or more degree, 40 percent with a 2 year credential, with the r
Describes the Illinois Board of Higher Education's Priorities, Quality and Productivity initiative, which consists of five broad areas:
"Probing Policy Resistance to Liberal Education:  Why the Chasm? Can it Be Bridged? And Who Loses if We Miss?" as presented by Paul E.
Letter to the Honorable George Miller, Chairman, and the Honorable Howard “Buck” McKeon, Ranking Member of the Committee on Health, Educati
Letter to the Honorable Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Chairman, and the Honorable Michael B.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation launched their Reimagining Aid Design and Delivery Project (RADD) in September 2012, awarding grants totaling
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