One of SHEEO’s member services is to conduct surveys and queries of our members; findings are only available to SHEEO members and their staff. Please contact Gloria Auer at gauer@sheeo.org for access to the data, with questions about our query process, or for information about past queries.

Queries conducted over the past several months have included these topics:

  • Teacher workforce shortages
  • Program termination authority
  • ChatGPT
  • Transfer and Articulation systems
  • P20W/SLDS data systems – security, privacy, liability
  • Funding formulas for non-resident students
  • Postsecondary Data Partnership/program logic for data submission
  • Variation in costs for different modes of instruction, and inflation adjustments to institutional funding
  • Dual Credit
  • “Gender unknown” reporting in IPEDS
  • Recruiting research analysts
  • Remote work policies
  • MOU with Taiwan Ministry of Education
  • Student mental health policies and practices
  • System-led oversight of general education assessment
  • How construction projects at institutions are approved as a result of COVID-19 and enrollment decreases
  • First-day enrollment trends
  • College completion efforts
  • Informational campaigns and college access programs