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On August 16, 2012, SHEEO sent a query to the SHEEO Agency staff with this question:
June 9, 2016 Dear Finance Officers (AK, AZ, AR, KS, KY, OK, VT, WV, and WI): Your colleague in Kentucky writes:
On September 12, 2012, SHEEO sent a query to the SHEEO-Finance email group asking the following two questions:
April 2016 Query of SHEEO Members and Finance Officers:
On July 26, 2013, SHEEO sent the following query to finance officers:
A webinar by SHEEO Senior Policy Analyst Andy Carlson covering the methods and findings of this year's State Higher Education Finance Report.
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State Higher Education Finance FY 2014, the twelfth report in the annual series, continues
Staffing Trends in Public Colleges and Universities: A National Analysis 2001–2009
State Budgeting for Higher Education in the United States as Reported for FY 2007
State Higher Education Finance (SHEF) Fiscal Year 2017