Student Learning and Accountability

The Institute for Higher Education Policy’s Win-Win initiative identified students from over 60 community colleges across nine states who eith
A vital new role to reach a shared goal (audio)
In light of PISA’s multi-nation assessment of learning at the15-year-old level, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) lau
A discussion of Oregon’s student success initiative, “Quality, Progression, and Completion in a Fiscally Sustainable Manner."
Complete College America was created in 2009 to work with states to significantly increase the number of Americans with quality career certifi
The NCHEMS website has proven to be a valuable resource for SHEEO agency staff con
The national agenda to significantly improve completion rates can benefit from rigorous analysis and clear understanding of student attrition
The completion agenda, aimed at increasing the number of Americans with career certificates or college degrees, and closing attainment gaps fo
The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education has developed a plan for learning outcomes assessment for the Massachusetts system of public
With funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Noel-Levitz conducted a study for the Louisiana Board or Regents to determine how L
What is often viewed as the fairly arcane business of determining and administering higher education policy is a matter of great national i
A policy brief from the American Council on Education, Achieve, and the State Higher Education Executive O
As part of its Peer Collaboration Network (PCN) on Student Learning and Accountability, SHEEO, the national association of State Higher Education E
This paper discusses the three methods (federal, state, and tribal) through which an institution can obtain degree-granting authority in the United
More Student Success describes a systemic approach for achieving student success beginning in elementary school and continuing through high school
New Collaboration between Higher Education and the NH Department of Education
Second to None in Attainment, Discovery, and Innovation: The National Agenda for Higher Education
A Breakthrough Opportunity: The Next Four Years for Higher Education in the United States: An open letter to the 2012 presidential candidat