CLDE Coalition Receives a $550,000 Grant to Accelerate College Students’ Civic and Democracy Learning Nationally

The Civic Learning and Democracy Engagement (CLDE)Coalition—in which SHEEO is a lead partner—has received a significant grant from The Endeavor Foundation to make college students’ civic learning and democracy engagement inclusive, equitable,  high quality and expected. 

Through a series of national “planning and action forums,” policy leaders and educators will advance strategies for making students’ democracy learning a priority in its own right, while showcasing CLDE’s bonus benefits to completion, equity, and students’ gains in practical, career-related skills.  The forums also will showcase new evidence about students’ gains from civic learning and community-based projects.

The CLDE Coalition is working in partnership with leaders in dozens of national and state-based organizations, including state systems, the accrediting commissions, and organizations that have been pace-setters in building support across the United States for making civic inquiry and problem-solving part of the college curriculum.  You can learn more about the Coalition’s vision for civic and democracy learning here