2018 – SHEEO Higher Education Policy Conference


08/07/2018 to 08/10/2018


Denver, CO


Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center

650 15th Street

Denver, CO 80202

United States


The 2018 SHEEO Higher Education Policy Conference was held at the Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center, August 7-10.


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Tuesday, August 7

State Best Practices(Texas): Kelly Carper Polden, Stephanie Davidson, and Jeff Robins

State Best Practices(Ohio): Kelly Carper Polden, Stephanie Davidson, and Jeff Robins

Academic Affairs Breakout: Jodi Fisler

Communications, External Affairs, and Legislative Relations Breakout: Kelly Carper Polden

Data Breakout: Emily House

Finance Breakout: Andrew Rauch and Lindsay Sandoval

Communicating Effectively in a Busy World: Emily Brelage and Libbey Castle

Building Effective Relationships with Legislators: Ben Boggs


Wednesday, August 8

Championing the Common Good: Walter M. Kimbrough

Complete 2 Compete – Mississippi’s Adult Learner Re-Engagement Initiative: Stephanie Bullock, Audra Kimble, and Casey Turnage

Moving the Dial: Board Members & Advocacy in Higher Ed: Kevin Reilly

“Soft Skills” for the 21st Century: Teaching, Scaling, and Measuring Them in Community Colleges: Jeffrey Mrizek and Mary Vishe

Using Evidence to Promote Effective Educational Practice and the Success of All Students: John Hayek, Jillian Kinzie, and Alexander McCormick

Advancing the American Dream through Access: The Role SHEEOs Can Play: Paula Fisher Robinson, Troy Grant, and Adam Green

Ecosystems and Networks: The Dynamic Nature of State Higher Education Governance: Mary Fulton, Robin McGill, David Tandberg, and Brett Visger

Making Good on a Promise: Student Success and Equity of Tennessee Promise: Russ Deaton and Amy Moreland

Opportunity Hoarding and Unequal Access to the American Dream: Josipa Roksa

Advancing Access through State and Accreditor Communication, Collaboration, and Advocacy: Stephanie Davidson, Brian Durham, Karen Hunter Anderson, Stephanie McCann, Anthea M. Sweeney, and Zach Waymer

Changing the Narrative on the American Dream and Higher Education: Debra Humphreys

Lessons from CUNY ASAP: How States Can Increase Graduation Rates (Film Screening & Panel): Panelists: Donna Linderman, Regina Stanback Stroud, and Brett Visger. Moderated by Zachary Coile

Racial Equity & Postsecondary Attainment: An Analysis of the States: Katie Berger, Tiffany Jones, and Andrew Nichols

Addressing the Plight of Rural Public Institutions: Corley Dennison, Peter Garland, and Brian Prescott

Complete College Idaho: A Unified, Yet Diversified Approach to Achieve State Attainment Goals: Randall Brumfield

Financial Health of Young America: Tom Allison

Is Kentucky’s College Readiness Policy a Barrier to Access and Success?: David Mahan, Lee Nimocks, and Aaron Thompson

How Effective Transfer Policy Paves a Pathway to Opportunity and Why SHEEOs Must Lead the Way: Kristin Conklin, Nia Davis, Joseph DeFilippo

How Tennessee Promise Encourages Scalable Innovation: Krissy DeAlejandro and Jackie McDonald


Thursday, August 9

Advancing the American Dream through Developmental Education Redesign: Ron Anderson

Aligning Postsecondary Education, Workforce, and Economic Development: Rachel Christeson and Sarah Torres Lugo

Project Pipeline Repair: Advancing Teacher Diversity, Equity, and Attainment: Malinda Butler, Antoinette S. Mitchell, and Denise Pearson

“Connecting the Dots” between the VALUE Institute, the Multi-State Collaborative, & the LEAP States: Jodi Fisler, Terrel Rhodes, and C. Edward Watson

How Your State Can Use Degree Reclamation Strategies to Help Near-Completers Cross the Finish Line: Julie Ajinkya, Leigh Cherry, India Lane, Lexi Shankster, and Jason Taylor

Implementing Adult Promise Programs to Re-engage the “Some College/No Degree Student”: Debbie Blanke, Andy Carlson, and Rachelle Sharpe

Kentucky Data Roadshow: Empowering Campuses and Students to Use State Information: Kate Akers, Jessica Cunningham, and David Mahan

Broadening Access to Higher Education through System Approaches to Online Education: Angie Bell, Tracey Cook, and John Sizemore

Can Equity-Focused Outcomes-Based Funding Policies Help Advance the American Dream?: Anna Cielinski, Kate Shaw, Ginger Stull-Hunter, and Lauren Walizer

Modeling Occupational Pathways of Liberal Arts Graduates to Inform State Workforce Supply/Demand: Sanjukta Chaudhuri, Meredith Fergus, and Ronald Huesman Jr.

The Return on Returning: The Economic Benefits of Degree Completion after Stopping Out: Sarah Leibrandt, Nora Morris, and Christina Sedney

Where Noncognitive Skills and Policy Meet: Fostering a New Paradigm for Student Success: Ross Markle

Communities of Practice: Incorporating Independent Colleges in State PSURS: Mason Dyer, Carolyn Mata, Maura Provencher, and Megan Rozowski

Defining Affordability – Two Case Studies in State Policy Framing: Jim Fridley, Garrett Groves, Nate Johnson, and Marc Webster

Dual Enrollment: National Movement Toward Access, and the Ohio Story: Larisa Harper, Jennifer Zinth

Meeting an Ambitious Postsecondary Attainment Goal: Comprehensive Planning and Strategic Investment: Shannon Gilkey, Heather Hudson, Scott Jenkins, and Robin McGill

The College to Career Pipeline and Equitable Access to the American Dream: Lande Ajose and Ria Bhatt

Lessons Learned From the Field: Discussion of the Findings from a Year’s Worth of Research on SHEEO: John Armstrong, Kate Shaw, and David Tandberg

Removing Barriers to Access in Idaho: Direct Admissions and Apply Idaho: Carson Howell

Supporting Incarcerated and Reentering Citizens: A Talent Strategy: Julia Ajinkya and Haley Glover


Friday, August 10

State Higher Education Leadership: Evolutions, Challenges, and Priorities: Robert E. Anderson, Alicia Kinne-Clawson, Paul Lingenfelter, and Brian Sponsler. Moderated by Kim Hunter Reed