2019 – SHEEO Higher Education Policy Conference


08/05/2019 to 08/09/2019


The Westin Boston Waterfront


The Westin Boston Waterfront
425 Summer Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02210


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Tuesday, August 6

Evaluating and Promoting the Financial Viability and Success of Our Postsecondary Institutions: Donna Desrochers, Mike Duffey, Tammy Kolbe, Matthew LaBruyere, Tom Simard, Rick Saisloff, Lysa Teal

Leading for Equity in State Higher Education Policy and Practice: Patrick Crane, Joyce Harris, Keith Menk

Visualizing Data to Measure and Communicate State and System Metrics: Eric Atchinson, Wendy Kallina


Wednesday, August 7

A Comprehensive State-by-State Analysis of State Performance-Based Funding Policy Details: Robert Kelchen, Justin Ortagus, Kelly Rosinger

Accelerated Learning Options An Underutilized Approach to Increase Success for All Students: Debbie Blanke, David Gardner, Stephen Pruitt, Ken Sauer

Answering the Call for Better Student Data: John Armstrong, Michelle Blackwell, Eric Godin

Are Kentucky Grads Meeting Workforce Needs – Using Interactive Data to Show the Value of Education: Jessica Cunningham, David Mahan

Beyond the Classroom Supporting the Student’s Basic Needs to Increase Success: Nora Boretti, Karissa Robie, Michelle St. Pierre

Building and Sustaining Local, Cross-Sector Ownership for Postsecondary Attainment: MC Belk Pilon, Anita Brown-Graham, Andrew Kelly, Matt Gandal

Developing Statewide Policy to Scale a Mathematics Pathways Initiative for Equitable Student Outcomes: Jennifer Dorsey, Adnan Moussa, Elena Quiroz-Livanis

Elusive Alignment – How to Get Universities to Align to Higher-Level Strategies: Paul Friga, Haven Ladd

Focusing Action on Equity Strategies for Change from CO, OR, and TN: Shelley Banker, Patrick Crane, Emily House

Gubernatorial and Legislative Transitions and the Role of the SHEEO Agency A Tennessee Template: Emily House, Mike Krause

HBCUs and the State – Cultivating Better Relationships for Equity: Karen Bussey, Sosanya Jones

Leveraging Competency-Based Education to Promote Equity and Student Success – The Role of the SHEEO: Stephanie Bernoteit, Stephanie Davidson, Charla Long

Partnering with ArmyU to Leverage the Value of Military Proficiencies toward College Completion: Craig Chandler, Karla Wiscombe

Perspectives on How OBF Can Help Make the Case for Funding Equity-Focused Higher Education: Kate Callahan, Gina Deom, David McDonald, Jim Pinkard, Kate Shaw

Policies and Practices to Accelerate Success The Latest Information on Proven Placement and Pathway: Tom Brock, Chris Mullin, Elena Quiroz-Livanis

Reaching Out to the Forgotten – Building Out Your Pipelines with People who Never Completed: Donna Albanese, Gary Cates, Karla Gregory-Martin, Cheryl Rice

Reflections on the Role of a SHEEO from a System and Campus Perspective: Brian Noland

Structural Change in the CSCU System Building a Sustainable Path Forward: Paul Broadie II, Greg DeSantis, Mark Ojakian, Francine Rosselli-Navarra

Tackling Transfer A Comprehensive Approach to Improving Outcomes in Three States: Lara Couturier, Tania LaViolet, Angela Sanchez

The Impact of Tennessee Promise and Reconnect on Technical Education and Labor Market Outcomes: Russ Deaton, Amy Moreland

Using the Promise for Access and Success – Research and Best Practices: Andrew Carlson, Sara Enright, Deborah Harrington, Alyssa Ratledge, Joanna Zimring Towne

Where College Meets High School Report on the Texas Dual Credit Task Force: Jacob Fraire, Rebecca Karoff, Sue McMillin

You’re Going to Miss Me When I’m Gone – How Mobility Affects Earnings Measurement in States: Andrew Foote, Tanya Garcia


Thursday, August 8

A College Access Advisor for Every High School in Utah: Nicole Batt, Melanie Heath

Advancing the Value of Higher Education through Student Loan Advocacy: Scott Kemp, Stephanie Sampedro

Back to College – Understanding and Re-Engaging Adults with Some College: Valerie Lundy-Wagner, Ria Sengupta Bhatt

Broken Mirrors – Black and Latino Student Representation Among Undergraduates and Degree Earners: Wil Del Pilar, Oliver Schak

Continuing to Build Value with State-Level NPSAS Data: Austin Caperton

Deeper Roots, More Fruit – Equity-Minded Guidance for Student-Centered Pathways and Strategic Funding: Cristen Moore, Laura Rittner, Elizabeth Salinas, Martha Snyder

Economic Opportunity – The Value of College: Tod Massa

Exploring the Value of Higher Education: Nichole Francis Reynolds, Mildred Garcia, Amanda Roberson, Zakiya Smith Ellis, Luis Talavera, Matthew Crellin, Jamey Rorison

Focused on the Future – The Increasing Value of Higher Education: Roslyn Clark Artis

Free College Programs – The National Landscape and Case Studies in New Jersey and Tennessee: Kate Callahan, Kate Shaw, Zakiya Smith Ellis, James Snider

Funding Formulas and State Goal Alignment – Maintaining Momentum: Jim Bennett, Scott Boelscher, Matthew LaBruyere, Jim Pinkard

Improving Strategic Data Capacity in Systems of Higher Education: Thomas Kane, Jacqueline King

Looking Back and Looking Forward – Trends in How Community Colleges Serve Underrepresented Students: Jim Applegate, Jacob Fraire, Patrick Kelly

Meaningful Mathematics and Reformed Remediation – Math Pathways and Co-Requisite Supports in Missouri: Erik Anderson, Angelette Prichett

Reimagining Minnesota State – Designing the Future of State Higher Education: Lisa Foss, Devinder Malhotra

RI Higher Ed & Industry Centers – Delivering Postsecondary Credentials Responsive to Community Needs: Amy Grzbowski, Nancy Martin, Tekla Moquin

Safeguarding Students, Advancing Sound Policies: Rachel Anderson, Karen Bussey, Amy O’Hara, Amanda Roberson, Amelia Vance

State Public Policies Related to Tuition and Fees – Impacts and Effectiveness: Robert Kelchen, Sarah Pingel, James Toscano

The Power of Listening – Connecting Education and Employment in Today’s Economy: Beth Bean, Peter Blake, Sarah Pingel, Amanda Winters

The Shifting Landscape of Federal and State Funding for Higher Education: Phillip Oliff, Rebecca Thiess

The State’s Role in Higher Education Equity: Brian Prescott, David Tandberg, Amanda Winters

Where Opportunity Meets Innovation – New Jersey’s Student-Centered Plan of Higher Education: Diana Gonzalez, Zakiya Smith Ellis, Stefani Thachik


Friday, August 9

Sovereignty Matters – Tribal Nations and Our Vision of Education Equity for Indigenous Students: Cheryl Crazy Bull