Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) Community of Practice Convening


07/15/2019 to 07/16/2019


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


The Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) Community of Practice Convening provided an opportunity for state postsecondary stakeholders, researchers, and policy analysts to hear from national leaders utilizing the PDP, discuss PDP implementation, learn how PDP data can be used to support institutional change, and collaborate with their respective teams during dedicated state team time. The Convening brought together teams from eight states (Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, New York, North Carolina, and Ohio) to share information, analyze solutions, and provide assistance to practitioners in other states.


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Monday, July 15

Welcome & Overview: Eric Godin, Nicole Ifill

Using Data & Insights to Drive Measurable Change: Dave Jarrat, Kate Reilly


Tuesday, July 16

Postsecondary Data Partnership Update: Michelle Blackwell

PDP Lessons from the Field: University System of Georgia: Angela Bell, Bill Evans

PDP Data Upload: Nuts and Bolts: Bobbie Frye, Erika Fenik, Elaine Guntner

IHEP’s Metrics Framework Guidebook: Amanda Roberson, Konrad Mugglestone, Elayne Reiss, Jing Li

Leveraging Data for Understanding and Action: Insights from the Frontier Set Evaluation: Roman Ruiz