New SHEEO White Paper: State Agencies and Systems of Higher Education Leading for Equity

Written by, Denise Pearson, Jason Lee, and Brandon Bishop

Leaders of state agencies and systems of higher education (SHEEOs) are in unique positions to expand higher education’s positive impact on the human condition through an intentional and systematic focus on educational equity. The opportunities and challenges are noteworthy, and the authors of this paper sought to identify these. It is also the goal of this paper to provide SHEEOs and their staffs with information to support their efforts to ensure positive postsecondary outcomes for all students in their respective states, regardless of race or ethnicity. In essence, this is the fundamental aim of equity in higher education. It’s instructive to mention that an important impetus for this paper — States Leading for Equity — is the consistent focus on equity-oriented
proposals and sessions at SHEEO’s annual policy conferences.

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