Noncredit Mobility Academy

SHEEO is pleased to announce the launch of a new state policy academy. This two-year initiative, developed in partnership with the Education Strategy Group (ESG) and Opportunity America at the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), will support states as they build capacity to better realize the potential of noncredit education and increase economic mobility for learners who begin their postsecondary journey through noncredit programming.

Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Texas, and Virginia are joining the Noncredit Mobility Academy. These teams will attend instructional convenings and work closely with coaches providing technical assistance. Funded by the Ascendium Education Group and the ECMC Foundation, the academy will address how states can develop a taxonomy for noncredit programs, improve noncredit data collection, develop funding recommendations for noncredit programs, and better communicate about noncredit pathways.

Learn more about the Noncredit Mobility Academy and the participating states.