State Authorization Surveys

The State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO) was responsible for creating and managing what have been called the “SHEEO State Authorization Surveys.” Since 2011, this compilation of state authorization and compliance information has been a useful and freely available resource for institutions across the country. The surveys will be moving to a new home on the NC-SARA website, where they will have a new name —The State Authorization Guide: A collection of state laws, regulations, and requirements for institutions serving out-of-state students—and will be maintained as a collaborative project of NC-SARA and the WCET State Authorization Network (SAN). The State Authorization Guide will continue to provide information about state higher education agencies’ compliance requirements for out-of-state institutions seeking to gain authorization to enroll students in the various states through distance education. It will provide contact information for individuals doing compliance work at SHEEO agencies, as well as contact information for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) portal entities, professional licensure boards, and secretaries of state.

For information about the State Authorization Guide, please visit the NC-SARA State Authorization Guide or email