SHEEO Statement in Support of the Asian American Community

The murders and shootings that happened on March 16 in Atlanta, of primarily Asian women, are appalling and devastating. Further, the increase in hate crimes directed at Asian people over the past year is horrific and must stop. SHEEO stands against hate and violence against the Asian American community.

In the higher education community, Asian Americans are often, unfortunately, left out of equity conversations due to erroneous notions that they are uniformly successful and high achieving compared to other communities of color. But learning about Asian Americans in higher education and the particular forms of institutionalized racism and discrimination they face helps us understand how these stereotypes not only marginalize Asian communities but also reinforce anti-Blackness and white supremacy. Having this knowledge will allow us all to better acknowledge and, importantly, fight back against the rise of anti-Asian hate in the past year.

We stand with the Asian American community and push back against anti-Asian hate and all forms of racism. As an organization, SHEEO will work to ensure that we do not replicate the model minority myth and ensure all our spaces and research honor, respect, and stand with the Asian American community.