Statement from SHEEO President Robert Anderson, Ph.D., on the American Families Plan Higher Education Proposals

“The American Families Plan is a transformative proposal to open the doors of college opportunity at a level unseen since the passage of the Higher Education Act. We are thrilled to see President Biden putting public colleges and universities at the heart of his policy agenda, recognizing their outsized role as economic drivers and portals of upward mobility. The American Families Plan includes historic investments in student access to community colleges and minority-serving institutions, along with renewed commitments to Pell Grants and teacher preparation programs. We are also pleased to see the plan prioritizing funding for student support services, which are instrumental to college completion. If enacted, the American Families Plan would be game changing for those seeking to advance their education and skills, particularly low-income students and students of color.

State higher education leaders look forward to learning more about this plan and stand ready to work with lawmakers to broaden student access to a full array of high-quality, affordable public colleges and universities. Through robust state-federal collaboration, we can create a shared policy framework that increases student access and success, closes equity gaps, and extends prosperity to more Americans.”