Statement from SHEEO President Robert Anderson, Ph.D., on the bipartisan COVID-19 stimulus deal:

“We applaud Congressional leaders and Administration officials for working together to reach a bipartisan deal on a federal stimulus package. As higher education works to address the financial fallout stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, we welcome partnership and resources from the federal government. This stimulus package provides urgently needed financial assistance and administrative flexibility during this difficult time.

The financial shortfalls facing higher education, however, will far exceed the funding levels in this package. More work needs to be done to ensure colleges and universities can meet the urgent needs of their students, maintain their workforce, help the economy recover, and sustain their commitment to providing high-quality, affordable educational opportunities. We look forward to partnering with the federal government to meet the evolving challenges posed to institutions and their students by COVID-19 and use the capacity of colleges and universities to help in the national response and recovery.”