Statement from SHEEO President Robert Anderson, Ph.D., on the House stimulus legislation (“HEROES Act”)

“We applaud House leaders for introducing a federal stimulus bill that recognizes the budgetary challenges confronting states and their higher education systems today. The HEROES Act is sweeping in size and scope. Without an intervention of this size, states will make deep cuts to programs and services, including slashing critical investments in public higher education. These cuts will threaten educational quality, make college less affordable, and only serve to deepen and extend the economic pain ahead. The HEROES Act is a bold effort to ensure the next generation of students continues to have access to high-quality, affordable public college opportunities.

Public colleges and universities have played a critical role in the response to the pandemic, including performing cutting-edge research and training the next generation of health care professionals. These institutions are economic drivers that will be at the forefront of efforts to revitalize the economy and put people back to work. We urge Congress to recognize the contributions of these institutions during this difficult time and pass legislation commensurate to the unprecedented budgetary challenges confronting states in the months and years ahead.”