August 28, 2019

SHEEO and ESG Launch New Initiative to Support State Efforts to Close Attainment Gaps

Seven states join attainment academy to develop cross-sector plans to meet their postsecondary attainment goals Contact Info: Annahita Jimmerson,, (303) 541-1602 Now and into the future, a postsecondary credential with labor market value is necessary for economic success. And yet, less than half of adults have a postsecondary credential and significant attainment gaps remain across race and income status. To address these gaps, nearly every state in the country…

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July 17, 2019

SHEEO Announces 2019 Excellence Award Winners

Little Rock, Arkansas – As members of the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO) convened at their 66th Annual Meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas, officials from SHEEO announced the winners of the organization’s SHEEO Excellence Awards. The awards recognize the leadership, dedication, and innovation of exceptional SHEEOs, agency staff, and agencies at a time when state policy success is increasingly linked to student success and, in turn, states’ economic…

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July 2, 2019

Improving State Authorization: The State Role in Ensuring Quality and Consumer Protection in Higher Education

by David Tandberg, Ellie M. Brucker, & Dustin Weeden

A renewed level of interest in and scrutiny of public accountability of higher education has recently been fueled by a wave of institutional closures; the proliferation of distance education providers and programs; changes in education technology; questions regarding quality, student learning, and the effectiveness of institutional accreditation; and efforts to spur innovation and create on-ramps for new and different education providers. While much of the attention has focused on the…

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May 21, 2019

SHEEO Postdoctoral Fellowship Position Announcement

SHEEO Position Announcement in Boulder, Colorado Postdoctoral Fellowship Overview SHEEO seeks to fill a postdoctoral fellowship. SHEEO is the national association of state higher education leaders who serve statewide coordinating and governing boards and other state higher education agencies. This position supports SHEEO’s efforts to perform high-quality analysis, policy evaluation and research; advance critical programs and projects; provide assistance to SHEEO members; advance SHEEO’s strategic vision; and contribute to the…

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May 1, 2019

Quality Assurance and Improvement in Higher Education: The Role of the States

by David Tandberg & Rebecca Martin

Higher education is facing a host of challenges, including external questions regarding its value and purpose. These questions cut to the core of the states’ role in higher education. Traditionally, states have the responsibility to ensure that institutions of higher education are operating in the public interest and that the institutions are good stewards of their public resources. Central to this responsibility is the question of institutional and educational quality.…

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