2021 SHEEO Higher Education Policy Conference


11/08/2021 to 11/11/2021


Washington, D.C.


The SHEEO Higher Education Policy Conference occurred at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C.


Related Presentations:

Tuesday, November 9

The Big ReThink: Our Transformation Agenda for Public Higher Education Systems: Rebecca Martin, Devinder Malhotra, & Kim Hunter Reed

Centering Equity in Outcomes-based Student-success Funding Policies: Darby Kaikkonen

Expanding Postsecondary Access: Developing, Funding, & Scaling Up a Promise Program in New Jersey: Annie Khoa & Brian Bridges

Immigration Status & Postsecondary Opportunity: Christian Penichet-Paul, Miriam Feldblum, Victoria Ballerini, & Rachelle Sharpe

Providing Higher Education to Justice-Involved Individuals in New England and Beyond (BUs Prison Education Program) (Higher Education Programs for Incarcerated People In New England) (Educational Justice Institute): Mary Ellen Mastrorilli, Lee Perlman, Sheridan Miller

Public Systems Consolidation as a Response to Demographic and Fiscal Challenges: Sophie Zdatny, Brian Prescott, & Shannon Reid

Reconnecting with Success: How Tennessee Community Colleges are Supporting Returning Adults: Russ Deaton, Amy Moreland, Gus Gluek, & Katherine Flaschen

Recovery with Equity: A Roadmap for Higher Education After the Pandemic: Ben Chida

SHEEO Membership Report – Racial Equity and Higher Education Governance: Brandon Bishop, Dennis Olson, Jr., Elena Quiroz-Livanis, & Raquel Rall

Solving stranded credits: James Ward, Sosanya Jones, & Kirk Carapezza

Tracking Workforce Development: Strategies for Collaboration in Education and Labor Demand Reporting: Amanda Klafehn, Katie Scott, & Russell VanZomeren

Turbocharging an Equitable COVID-19 Recovery through Prior Learning Assessment: Amelia Parnell, Becky Klein-Collins, & Alexa Wesley

Understanding the Landscape of State Authorization Capacity: Marianne Boeke, Molly Hall-Martin, & Rachel Christeson

Using New State Audit Framework to Review & Develop Equity-Focused Higher Education Policy, Practice: Wil Del Pilar

What Every SHEEO Should Know about Open Education and OER: TJ Bliss, Matthew Bloom, & Dustin Fife


Wednesday, November 10

Building an Evidence Base: Quantitative & Qualitative Approaches to Researching State Authorization: James Ward & Rebecca Natow

Catalyzing Transfer Initiative: Leveraging Partnerships in Support of Equitable Outcomes: Sarah Leibrandt, Kent Phillippe, & Jenna Sablan

Committing to Equity: The Utah System of Higher Education Operationalizes Equity: Belinda Otukolo Saltiban, Maria Caballero, & Melanie Heath

Data Democratization to Advance Equity 2030: Teri Hinds, Nancy Floyd, & Jeff Ueland

Defining and Supporting Rural-Serving Postsecondary Institutions in State and Federal Policy: Andrew Koricich, Alisa Hicklin Fryar, Cecilia Orphan, Kevin McClure, & Vanessa Sansone

Eliminating Racial and Income Inequities in Postsecondary Math Outcomes: Interventions Across Time: Paula Talley, Aisha Lowe, Marco Lepe, Jessica Brathwaite, & Elizabeth Kopko

Evidence to Action: Increasing the Use of Research in Higher Education Policymaking: Sean Tierney, Joseph Thiel, Wendy Kang, David Tandberg, & Dominique Dukes

Examining the OPM- Form, Function, and Policy Implications: John Cheslock, Kevin Kinser, Sarah Zipf, & Eunjong Ra

The Funding Formula Review Process: The Why, Who, What, When, Where, and How: Jim Pinkard, Crystal Collins, & Dustin Weeden

Making College Pay: A Framework for Students and Policymakers: Beth Akers

Putting Equity First: Removing Policy and Practice Barriers for Racially Equitable Success: Christine Williams, Elena Quiroz-Livanis, & Amanda DeLaRosa

Quality & Equity: Best Practices in Scaling High-Impact Practices and Measuring Impact: Heidi Leming, Debra Humphreys, & Derek Price

Using NPSAS Data Products to Inform, Respond, & Advocate: Jordan Holley, Margaux Cameron, Rachel Burns, & Austin Lacy