2022 SHEEO Higher Education Policy Conference


08/08/2022 to 08/11/2022


Indianapolis, IN


The 2022 SHEEO Higher Education Policy Conference was held in Indianapolis, Indiana August 8-11, 2022. The conference highlighted the crucial issues and policy considerations states must address to build and sustain excellent systems of higher education.  


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August 8, 2022
Equitable policymaking: Research and Principles for shaping an inclusive future for educational attainment: Stella Flores

August 9, 2022

A New Dawn, Preparing for a New Day: The Education and Workforce Needs Index: Houston Davis, Brian Noland, Patrick Kelly, Nicholas Bolden

Advancing Equity With Better Data for State Policy: Steve Rogness, Meredith Fergus

Advancing an Equitable Approach to Affordability Across Three States: Pearl Imada Iboshi, Kim Hunter Reed, Jim Hood, Rachelle Sharpe

Advancing Multifaceted Equity Strategy and Overcoming Resistance: Tarrence Robertson, Andriel Dees, Priyank Shah

Aligning State Aid with FAFSA Simplification: Dustin Weeden, Meghan Oster, Katie Harrison

Beyond the Classroom: Why Faculty Diversity Matters: Ansley Abraham, Andrea Kiely, Carrie Robison

Borrower Perspectives on Student Loan Default: Insights from New Pew Research: Phil Oliff, Ilan Levine

Building Relationships Between Tribes and Community Colleges in Washington State: Maya Esquivido, Lynn Palmanteer-Holder, Carli Schiffner

Ensuring Equity, Access, and Quality in Postsecondary Education in Prison: Allan Wachendorfer, Belinda Wheeler, Lisa Vosper

Expanding Affordability: Multi-State Approaches to Make College Within Reach: Sarah Ancel, Randall Brumfield, Josh Garrison, Sara Scudder

Funding Equity Analysis –Emerging Best Practices: Amberly Dziesinski, Nick Hillman, Matthew LaBruyere, Jim Pinkard

Invest Forward: Leveraging the Federal Stimulus to Support Students’ Postsecondary Success: Matt Gandal, Kim Hunter Red, Sophie Zdatny

“It can’t be done” – How Maryland went from “no” to “yes” on collecting unit record noncredit data: Barbara Schmertz, Ann Kellogg

Quality Through Accountability: Improving NJ’s Higher Education Ecosystem Through Legislative Action: Brian Bridges, Karen Bussey

Racial Equity Contours of State Aid and Institutional Aid: State-Level Insights from NPSAS-AC: Denise Smith, Peter Granville

Reimagining Remediation:  Designing the Next Generation of Developmental Education Reforms: Amy Moreland, Lindsey Koch, Gus Gluek

Results from a National Survey on Approaches to Funding Base Operations: Brian Prescott, Sophia Laderman, Tom Allison

“Show What You Know OK” – Simplifying Prior Learning For Oklahoma Students for Completion: Stephanie Beauchamp, Angel Icenhour

Supporting the Whole Student: Findings from the ECMC Foundation Basic Needs Initiative: Sarah Belnick, Derek Price, Sam Riggs

Toward Equitable Placement for All California’s AB 705: Aisha Lowe, Kri Burkander, Katie Hern, Mallory Newall

Transparent Automatic Admissions System in a Time of Test Optional: Jason Pontius, Rachel Boon

Teacher Demand, Supply, and Solutions to Address the Teacher Shortage:  Jacqueline E. King

When Racial and Economic Equity Collide: Investigating Basic Needs Security: Georgiana Chevry, Elena Quiros-Livanis, Allison Little

August 10, 2022

A Comprehensive Strategy for Equity and Racial Justice in Public Higher Education: Carlos Santiago, John Reiff, Cynthia Lynch, Robert Awkward, Elena Quiroz-Livanis, Allison Little

Breaking Down Barriers for College Students to Access Federal Food Benefits: Marlene Garcia, Jake Brymner, Rachelle Sharpe

Building a Comprehensive College-Going Pipeline for an Equitable COVID-19 Recovery: Karen Bussey, Jessica Steiger, Mark Lopez, Suchir Govindarajan

Corequisite Scaling Support Building Capacity Across Illinois: Mike Abrahamson, Marcus Brown, Tanisha Earwin

Crosswalking industry-recognized credentials as the starting point for systemwide stackable credentials: Scott Campbell, Michael Voss, Barry Nickerson, Stacey Townsley

Higher Education and the Promise of an Inclusive and Equitable Society: Deondra Rose

Improving Financial Aid through Enhanced Reporting: Using Research, Policy, and Data Empowerment: Amanda Klafehn, Jacob Kamer, Kristen Cummings, Brian Douglas

Indiana’s Education Value Movement Research Findings & Messaging Strategy: Charlee Beasor, Allison Kuehr

Multi-Sector Expansion of Open Educational Resources (OER): Rebecca Karoff, Emma Gelsinger, Michelle Singh

Navigating Credentials: What’s in Them and Why You Should Care: Robin McGill, Marina Parr, Ken Sauer, Sean Seepersad

Putting Workforce Development Goals into Action: Labor Market Data Access and Literacy: Angela Bell, David Tanner, Greg Wilson

State Action to Improve Equitable Access to Dual Enrollment: Kim Hunter Reed, Michael Meotti, Dennis Olson, Sharmila Mann

State Policy Equity Audits to Identify & Address Racial Disparities: Wil Del Pilar Elena Quiroz-Livanis, Paola Santa, Susannah Fowler Craig

The Future of Attainment Goals: Doubling Down on Workforce Alignment: Aaron Thompson, Brett Visger, Emily House

The MA Department of Higher Education’s Journey Toward Racial Equity and Organizational Change: Stacy Bougie, Tanya Steward, Alison Connolly, Carlos Santiago

Using Novel Reports to Inform Strategy, Drive Enrollment, and Meet Workforce Needs: Margo Kenirey